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Child protection order check


The following information provides guidelines for applicants for Assisted Reproductive Treatment in Victoria.

Under section 11(1)(d) of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008, a woman seeking assisted reproductive treatment and her partner (if applicable) must give permission to their Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) provider so that the provider can undertake relevant child protection order checks. Providers have a form that clients must complete giving this permission.

To ensure the provider can undertake a check of the woman and her partner (if applicable), each applicant must supply relevant details using the request for a child protection order check form (download from the link below).

The completed forms must be given to the provider for processing. Applications will not be accepted directly from individuals.

Note, that where treatment procedures are being carried out by a medical practitioner other than a doctor carrying out treatment on behalf of a registered ART provider, the permission must be given to the doctor in charge of the womans treatment. Refer section 11(2)(b) of the Act.

Note, the requirement to give permission for a child protection order check and the need for the details also applies to all parties to a surrogacy arrangement. Please refer to section 42 of the Act.

Instruction on How to Complete Child Protection Check Form Please Click the Button below

Child Protection Check Form Please Click the Button below

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