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Introduction and Safety

Local anaesthetic is introduced in the space between the spines/vertebrae/ligaments and outermost membrane layer around the spinal cord.

The use of epidural anesthesia/analgesia has become the standard of care in obstetrical practice. 

As with any adventure in life it can be associated with complications.

Fortunately the incidence of serious complication with epidural anesthesia is rare in experienced hands. 

They do however occur even with the most experienced and good intentioned practitioner. 

The risks of general anaesthesia in obstetrics are well documented. One must balance these risk against the potential complications associated with epidural anaesthesia. 

When questioning the use of epidural anesthesia for fear of complications one must always consider the risks of alternate treatments (general anesthesia) and the benefits epidural anesthesia may afford the mother and fetus. 

Epidural is popular and versatile with applications in surgery, obstetrics and pain control. it can be used as 

  • An anaesthetic
  • An analgesic adjuvant to general anaesthesia
  • Postoperative analgesia 'pain relief

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